Your Performance Review Premieres

18 October 2022


Great news for you all today. I am ready to premiere Your Performance Review, an audio drama in ten episodes. It takes place in 2036, so some time travel is required. But don’t worry, I’ll make that part easy for you.

Listen to Episode 01 Now

Your Performance Review tells a story within a story. On the surface level, people who are troubled at work come in to resolve a problem they’re having. By the end of the episode, some have an epiphany, others break down, and some find themselves entangled in corruption from which they cannot escape.

Each episode also has a secret story, a story that is only shared after the humans leave the session.

Listen to Episode 01

Recording the Sessions

The recording sessions of Your Performance Review were made with the human actors reading their parts and me reading the lines of Michel. Then, in the edit, I added the synthetic voices: the roles played by Michel, System, Memex, and a few others.

I will be posting an episode each week at FutureX Studio, and you can also listen to Your Performance Review on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Frank Todaro plays Howard in Episode 01. The rest of the voices in the episode are played by bots. Music cues Drch and Front Runner by Blue Dot Sessions. Additional music by Epidemic Sound.

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