Introducing … Now Here’s Something

25 February 2021

Hello! During the last few months in this space, I’ve been posting a series of short-form stories from the future. I need to give the time machine a little rest (those things can overheat if used every day) and I need a little time to write up the ideas for the next short-form series.

So, during this period of incubation and fermentation, I’d like to present a podcast1. Bodhi, my youngest2 son, and I have recorded some blips that I hope you will enjoy. The first one asks the important question, Are cats worth it?”


The name Now Here’s Something” comes from what Bodhi says when he wants to redirect the conversation from a topic that is blah to a topic that is interesting to him.


In the podcast he plays a 20-year-old. He is eight years old in real life.

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