Mission of the Lunar Sparrow Episode 1

21 July 2021


The journey to the Moon begins today. Mission of the Lunar Sparrow, a brand new audio drama for FutureX, launches today with the first episode.

I hope you enjoy the show and tell your friends about it. I’ll post a new episode every week. You can listen to Episode 1 at FutureX or subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Each episode is short. I mean, really short. Five or six minutes kind of short. It’s an experiment in short-form storytelling over nine episodes.

I based the drama on a novel by H. G. Wells written in 1901, so the fact-checking was … interesting. There are things he imagines that will come true, like antimatter drives for spaceships. And there are other things that he imagines that are … pretty out there. (No spoilers here. You’ll have to listen.)

What came forward for me making this first episode is the improbable but warm relationship between the human commander of the mission and her AI sidekick.

Voice actors often read sides.” They will record their lines as the director or sound person reads the other part. Andia Winslow brings a powerful performance to her role as Commander Field, even more so when you consider she is recording her part with a bot in the other role or sometimes me recording a temporary track.

When not working to get the performances right I work on the sounds. I’ve spent way too much time considering what the inside of a spaceship in flight sounds like, what the inside of a spacesuit sounds like, and whether anybody will know the difference between the two. Audio cinema is something you feel. It becomes another character.

Mission of the Lunar Sparrow was produced for the FutureX network. Production by Red Cup Agency.

Thanks for listening.


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