You’re a Url. Deal With It.

31 January 2023

I’ve chosen an indie publishing path for my novel Surrender. It’s been a journey to get the book listings right with Barnes & Noble,, Book Depository, and IndieBound. When the first listings in those online bookshops went up, they listed the author as TBD. Panic ensued. Unless my name is part of the URL, people won’t be able to use Lee Schneider” to search for the book in the online store.

When you do non-Amazon distribution, everything begins at Ingram, the distributor that populates all bookstore listings (and links) with metadata. Ingram has the catalogue that booksellers use and they send out the books, both hardback and paperback. A glitch at Ingram left out my name as the author in some editions. Once I got in touch with Ingram and fixed that, all the other listings should have self-corrected. But they didn’t. It took an email from me to each online bookstore to be sure everything was listed right.

Indie publishing!

Surrender will list on Amazon in two weeks, but it’s available now at Barnes & Noble,, Book Depository, IndieBound, and an ebook edition for preorder at Kobo.

Working on sorting out Apple Books next.

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