Things Must End to Make Room for New Things

6 September 2022

Some news of changes around here: The FutureX network is closing down, and it will evolve into a new project, called FutureX Studio, with a different set of goals.

Since Ever Gonzalez and I founded FutureX in 2019, the world has changed a lot. We wanted to create a podcast network that was event-driven, featuring live podcast performances. We planned to build sponsorships around those live events to support the network.

But then, to write a sentence you’ve seen many times by now, the pandemic changed those plans. A podcast network built around live events just wasn’t viable. Recently, some of the live event world has come back, and people are showing up at venues, but FutureX needs a rethink and reboot.

Ever has stepped back from the FutureX Network, and I’ve decided to take it in a different direction, under a new name, FutureX Studio.

While our FutureX newsletter will cease publication, the futurist projects will continue. If you’d like to stay ahead of The Future of Food podcast, or a new audio drama called Your Performance Review, please consider joining the list for my newsletter about taking creative risks, 500 words.

The 500 Words newsletter brings you a behind-the-scenes peek at the process of evolving the Future of Food Podcast into a new podcast calledThe Future of Food Justice; you’ll witness the production journey of Your Performance Review, a podcast with a mixed cast of synthetic AI actors and humans; and you’ll see my novel Surrender, move along the road to publication. When I launch a new podcast, you’ll know.

I won’t forget FutureX’s event-driven roots. I’m planning some panel discussions about futurist thinking, urbanism, and a workshop series about podcasting.

If you have a futurist podcast that needs a home, please let me know; FutureX Studio could be a good fit.

All FutureX Studio projects will focus on how we can make this a better world. The projects will address the climate emergency and the big issues that we face now, like systemic racism, while coming from a positive mindset. The future needs our optimism.

Thanks for your support, and I hope you’ll continue with me on this journey.

Looking ahead,


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