Writing the Counter Narrative

16 February 2021

I had an idea and it turned out pretty well. It was to write fiction in a short series for the web, bits of roughly 500 words that would roll out over email.

I learned from others’ mistakes. Someone else before me tried this in an email series and it came off terribly. Their stories ended up published out of sequence. It was sad, but I couldn’t make any sense of that experiment.

So, for that reason, I’m even more grateful for those of you who read The Counter Narrative stories as they arrived in your inbox, who stayed with me on this strange experiment, and who wrote me back about the stories. You are the best. After eight installments, The Counter Narrative is over.

I am working up the next story series. It’s looking like a couple of characters will escape from the novel I’m working on and will take over this list. While I get that ready, I’ll post some short-form podcasts here. I hope you enjoy them.


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