Mission of the Lunar Sparrow Episode 9

14 September 2021

In the final episode of Mission of the Lunar Sparrow, Commander Field is on her way home against her will. Mission Control has taken over the ship.

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In Episode 9 of this short-flight audio drama, Mission Control is flying the Lunar Sparrow on autopilot, returning Commander Field to Earth. A mysterious decision has been made, at a high level, to end the mission. Commander Field, as is often the case in situations like this, is the last to know what has happened. But before the fade out, she takes one last act of defiance.

It’s been rare if not impossible, in our complicated times, to see live theater. As a writer, it can be a long walk to come up with an idea, pursue it in notebooks and pixels, commit to a script, hand it off to an actor, and hear it come to life. Audio drama, as a format, allows that creation, and pretty fast, even in our complicated times.

That’s why posting this last episode is bittersweet. The adventure is over.

I am working on a sequel, or followup, I’m not sure what to call it. Mission Control and Commander Field will return to try to resolve the conflicts between them. There will be other characters who get involved with no clue about what role they play in the drama until it is too late for them.

Thank you all for listening and commenting. Your support means a lot to me. This newsletter will go dark for a little while as I spin up the next podcast or consider whether to bring you sections of the novel I’m almost done with and getting ready to let out of the box.


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