Mission of the Lunar Sparrow Episode 7

1 September 2021

In Episode 7 of Mission of the Lunar Sparrow, Mission Control admits that admin has made a mistake about the mission and takes drastic action to remedy the problem.

After this episode, there are just two more in this series.

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Conflict escalates between Mission Control and Commander Field in Episode 7. Mission Control believes that the solitude of space flight has warped the Commander’s mind, but Command Field sticks by her story of discovering life on the Moon. Since Mission Control has the final word on the ship’s systems, it is able to take drastic action to stop her from acting on her convictions.

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Mission of the Lunar Sparrow was produced for the FutureX network. Production by Red Cup Agency. Written, produced, and directed by Lee Schneider.

Podcast Creative Group Forming

As soon as I finish distribution on Lunar Sparrow (just two more episodes!) I am turning my attention to setting up a podcast creative working group. This will be a group that meets each week to help you develop your podcast from idea to distribution. The group will help you develop your science fiction or futurist podcast idea, whether it is in an audio drama format, a news show, or a conversational podcast. If you’re interested, let’s get in touch. If you know someone who might be right, considering forwarding this note to them.

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