Mission of the Lunar Sparrow Episode 4

11 August 2021

Episode 4 of Mission of the Lunar Sparrow drops today.

Commander Field touches down on the lunar surface to find herself smack in the middle of a crisis with a damaged spacecraft and a limited power supply.

Here’s what happens: Commander Field’s perfect lunar landing becomes less than perfect when she discovers a problem with her spacecraft. Her chance to inspect the mining equipment drop point may fade away, placing her mission in jeopardy. She makes the call to go outside on the surface and attempt to make repairs.


Something Amazing

Last week we got close to breaking through the Top 100 Science Fiction podcasts on Apple.

For a teeny-tiny podcast like Mission of the Lunar Sparrow this is nothing less than … [ahem] a moonshot. If you like what you’re hearing and want to help this moonshot, please recommend the podcast to friends. You can forward them this email or send them a few links. Getting us more visible in the Apple universe will help more people discover the show.

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Mission of the Lunar Sparrow was produced for the FutureX network. Production by Red Cup Agency.

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